• Medium

    Acrylic on Canvas

  • Dimensions

    • 30cm/11.8" X 30cm/11.8" X 1.5cm/06"
  • Status

    Finished ====> New owner took it home

Theme of the painting – Survival = integrity

Dreams, in their constructive conscious form are the prevailing force that determines our future. Everything we see around us was once a dream, but not any dream; it was a dream so strong that it created the reality. Regardless of the planet the artform is made of, the dream is the glue that keeps it together, but ideasrex must choose the colours and shapes. She is reluctant to pick a theme, but the theme has it’s own consciousness, it is a meme, it is a desert, it is light, it is dark, but above all it is the life within. There is no atmosphere, just pure matter and the distance of molecules while they circulate in their eternal dance and communicate with the brain waves of the processors, those viewing it and interacting with it are really the ones making the reality. The sacred ground of creation transcends across many wavelengths, but the most emphasised is the channel where the trends or memes find their ways, aggregate, segregate and encapsulate the viewers in their world, just like the conquering process of the Empire.

Charlie: The source of all existence is intelligence that uses various tools such as space/time/gravity, light/darkness, animal kingdom/non-animal kingdom, world of robots to express the infinite within the finite. Earling: But why are we so constrained by our thoughts, fears and “them” – ”they” are trying to neutralize us including robots, trying to replace us, us the most intelligent species on Earth?