• Medium

    Acrylic on Canvas

  • Dimensions

    • 50cm/19.6" X 40cm/15.7" X 1.5cm/06"
  • Status

    Finished ====> 500EUR

Theme of the painting – Breaking out of the industrial age and reaching for the sky withinthe sky within

Changes between the industrial formations and those of the mind revolution is described in this visual representation. The question is always directed towards the infinite, and almost always the ideology formed is the result of the finite, the vision. Ayn Rand’s shadow is standing behind this painting, the last pages of “The Fountainhead” with the infinite lift towards the sky and beyond and the infernal stew underneath on Earth and the struggle between Earthly and the infinite sky in the mind. Every stage of Human civilisation had to go through transformation and suffering as a result, especially the ones that created radical changes, which is why even in today’s fast paced changing landscape people resist change fiercely. This resistance further reflects on their character, and introduces the stagnant pattern. Every pattern coming out of the human consciousness is intelligent and therefore can either be constructive or destructive. The stagnant thoughts inevitably result in destructive actions.

Charlie: It always looks so complex from the outside but in fact, intelligence is organised in such a way that existing under space/time plus gravity parameters is very simple.It is the eternal fluidity that makes, shapes and sharpens creatures. Sometimes it is the frozen image of the ideal that pushes the intelligence forward and then as a rule it self destructs, once it exhausts the form. Earling: It is the process of hatching, being nurtured by the stability and then breaking through the shell of protection, exactly like nature communicates through eggs-creatures continuum. It fascinates me, but sometimes we are out of tune with nature and we resist breaking through the shell and leaving the old behind. That is what happened with so many systems, once they stopped serving the purpose, many of us got attached and now with exponential growth in the technological sense and disruptive changes happening all the time, the question is, will we keep up and how will the friction diffuse?