2019 Art installations, Beijing, China

Frankensteinzation of our society from a completely free of technology to the fully transferred into the Technium. Mixed medias (2019)

Mixed media and ready made objects, 2019

But the monster is making this, a monster of trade, input and output, the competition for the resources, a dominance and obedience are the two ends of the spectrum that create the world the way we see it or are designed to see it. The words only mean what we want them to mean, neither more and neither less, from Alice in Wonderland. 

Why is classical music a competitive sport in the time of Technium, where machines compete much better in anything, it is the blindness of tradition that is holding it from embracing the Technium, but just like the Pendulum swings from one end of the spectrum to another in every field, classical music will also live through the transformation and it will be technology once again a harbinger of change for the positive until it becomes a negative.  Masses are peacefully looking at the Entertainment screen while three Bs, Beethoven, Bach and Bartok look and reach to them in the tentacle fashion, from behind, beyond, the past, reaching with the power of music, changing. The narrator, an artist is observing the scene from the side, looking at the photographs of nature. An Artist can’t be submersed with the population, an artist always carries around the microphone and a stand holding the music, preaching the story from the sides into the ears of the audience obliviously following the entertainment with their eyes. Ears however are much more powerful and complex organ

2019 Art installations, Beijing, China

Alphabet of Isms in Philosophy with one side representing the + and the other - we always swing the pendulum in one direction or the other, Oil and Acrylic on Paper (2019)

Oil and Acrylic on hard paper, 2019

The mosaic comprised of 44 + 1 pieces divided in 2 times 22 represents an alphabet of concepts, philosophies and ideas. They are directly inspired by Chinese characters, the fact that the mind in here has to work differently, much more visually represented compared to the languages used in the western world that are relying on sounds and concepts. I often wonder is more less or less is more. Our global trajectory as a part of the species on this planet seems to be that more is less when organized in a concise way, when the test of time puts a final test on the combinatorics of genetics. This alphabet is the combinatorics of philosophical ideas and concepts that impressed me throughout life and as they are presented in two colors, one set of 22 is a matter and another set is the antimatter, we are constantly alternating throughout our life between the two, extinguishing part of parts in the process. One drawing that is separate, represents the Stoicism and my fascination with futurism, standing still while the time moves.  

List of Isms marking the behinds of the paintings, most of which are at the collectors in different parts of the world