Series of 30 paintings and 30 writings that correspond to 30 Goldberg variations by Bach, performed by Irina Ideas

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The most important trends of our times in my opinion

  • Economy of sharing
  • Stronger collective social behaviour
  • Faster trust building process
  • Open source projects both software and hardware
  • Creating sustainability circles

“All humans are entrepreneurs not because they should start companies but because the will to create is encoded in human DNA.”

— Reid Hoffman, LinkedIn co-founder

Artist statement - introduction

The core aspect of my practice in the last few years is the zoom in and zoom out, I used to dream, I still dream and record those dreams where the planet becomes so distant that it represents a dot, in the following moment it becomes infinite as I become a dot. Everything is relative to the context which makes the whole picture, I am fascinated by the world of cells, atoms, quarks, gluons, on and on into the microcosm of forms/patterns that reflect the macrocosm equaly mysterious. We live in beetween but are governed by both, we constantly zoom in and zoom out through time, history, space, perspectives. Likewise, our cultural and historical inheritance is composed of cells of idealism, visions, and innovation, fueled by imagination and knowledge. I believe that this zoom in and zoom out process is the universal impulse towards understanding, awareness of history, but at the same time it is holding the vitality of a mysterious, indescribable awe before the pulse of the time within and around. It is in this spirit of awe that I am standing with one foot exploring the intersection of myth, history, philosophy, science and with the other, observing, my stream of consciousness, abstractions of thoughts, and futurism tapping upon the truth deeply sitted within while learning about it externally, again a zoom in and zoom out. Ultimately I think that science and technology will reach the point of singularity with art, which in turn will result into yet another cognitive revolution (the first was the invention of fire, mythologically seen as a story of Prometheus which is very important with my almost subconscious treatment of water and fire) but now we each hold this fire in our hands. Technology is constantly influencing and changing the way we interact with material existence, materials we use and also with each other, and I believe that we have to keep pace with these changes through fostering our human values, igniting each other’s imagination, knowledge and supporting authenticity, in other words everyone should become their own Prometheus that spreads the “fire” through internet and continues the primordial impulse that dictates the trajectory that our genetics first adopted.  

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