2019 Changsha and Kunming, China

Public sculptures in the theme park, Changsha, China, and Kunming, China (2019)

Public sculptures, large scale Light installations, 2019, Iron and metal, acrylic color

Lotus rises from the mud, representing the purity, clarity, wisdom of intelligence that forms this world. The shape reminiscent of the human eye, or any eye. The eye reaches above and beyond but it sees only material world. It is impossible to fully merge with environment unless we can see through the shape. The shape sometimes helps us to reach into the essence, the inner working of the leaf with the full circulatory system of information sharing, sensitivity, ability to absorb the sun, to transform the energy. Eventually to transform the material into the immaterial, which is the goal of all arts, which is why this piece is joining in one point above surrounded by love and purity. Kunming, China